Thursday, April 23, 2009

Selling on

Selling on
Selling on marketplace is a great way to sell items without investing time or money on your own website! Below is information directly quoted from their website.

"When you sell in the Amazon Marketplace you place your items in front of millions of customers-- your items are displayed right alongside those carried by! There are no fees unless you sell."

You can sell new or used items on Amazon's website.
For info on how it works or how to get started just copy and paste the below link into your web browsers address window:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ebay money making opportunities

Below is info on how to get started on Ebay and some directly quoted info from their website on online selling and money making opportunities.

Ebay success system

"If You’ve Got 60-Minutes A Day, Here’s How Hundreds Of Housewives, SingleMothers, Unemployed People, And Even Retired Couples Are Now Making Up To$500 Per Day, Working From Home!
Why is eBay considered the best work-at-home opportunity for people who need to make a lot of money very quickly?
Well, according to the coaches at – one of the internet's top career websites – it's because "For people who want to work from home, eBay is one of the most straight-forward businesses that is easy to facilitate, run, and access. It doesn't require a fancy business degree or years of business experience."

The owner of – a top career website for women – says, "I get lots of emails from Moms who want to know how I stay home with my kids and earn a real income... or... how they can do the same without having special skills or training... and... without the risk of being scammed. The truth is: I make money on eBay and I love it! As far as I'm concerned, eBay is the #1 online opportunity for Moms."

And according to Dave Espino, a top eBay Power Seller and Trainer, "eBay is a very realistic online opportunity! In fact, I believe that eBay is one of the best ways for the average person to start their own home-based business!""

Click on the below link (or copy and paste into your browser address window) to get info on how to get started with Ebay.

Working from home money making opportunities

Home Sourcing

Above are some Google Ad links on some working from home opportunities. Please feel free to leave feedback if you have tried any of these. Below is directly quoted information from a website on working from home.

"This popular new trend known as home sourcing can provide high paying jobs for everyone! We have everything you need to make money online from home and start living your dreams.
Companies Fed Up With Outsourcing Jobs Offshore! Now 20% of Corporations in America are supporting their growth through HomeSourcing!
Because high speed internet access is not always available worldwide and in remote areas, these corporations were realizing that they had to buy or lease expensive buildings to provide that high speed internet to their foreign employees. To save these costs, jobs are coming back to the U.S. and HomeSourcing these opportunities saves these corporations BILLIONS!

Below is from Next Job at Home website:

"Get ready for your next job at home! Starting work at home is fast, easy and free to do. Simply follow the steps below:
> All Jobs posted though Next Job at Home, are for remote positions, telecommuter work.Jobs have been screened by real people, so you know they will be relevant and legit.
New and exclusive work at home jobs are sent directly to your inbox daily!
Step 1: Register your email below, (your email will be kept private)
Step 2: Go to your inbox and read our members only welcome email.
Step 3: Immediately after registration, you will see open positions."

Google Adsense

Below is info from Google's website on Google Adsense. You need to be a little computer savvy to do this but once it is setup it is self sustaining.

"Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to what your visitors are looking for on your site — or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts — you'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages. "

Click on the below link to apply (or copy and paste full address into your browsers address window):

If you choose to signup for this please read the terms and conditions and policy adherence, of the agreement.

SMC work from home info

Below is some info on SMC (as seen on TV) website and how to get free money making info kit.

"With SMCorp you Get:
Part time work available
A 100% FREE Business Coach to help you get started
A company that has been around for over 60 years.
The opportunity to Earn Massive profits from home
The chance to be your own boss No More Commuting
Start Working From Home Today! "

To get your free info kit just click on the below link (or copy and paste full address into your browsers address window)